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Changing the way you Sleep.

Welcome to Naturelle Organic Beds, As a 100% Natural Latex Sleep products Manufacturer and Wholesale Distributor of natural latex mattresses; We offer a broad range of natural and organic mattresses, Pillows & Toppers. For adults, children, and babies. We believe everyone deserves a comfortable, healthy night's sleep, one that does not have the potential to be harmful to you and your family's health. When purchasing a new mattress, all consumers should do their due diligence in understanding what their bed's Materials are made from,

If you are looking for 100% Natural Latex Mattresses in Toronto or the GTA, then be sure to make an appointment

(by calling 416.522-1811 or Toll-Free at 1.800.914.4690)

Visit us and experience a power nap on one of our organic mattresses.

Don't worry if you can't come in to try our sleep products you can now order Naturelle Organic Beds, products directly from our website.

-We offer our secure, risk-free comfort guarantee for 100 days

-we will assist in choosing the comfort level that's just right for you.

-Naturelle mattresses are unique with our patented interchangeable Adjust support System

Raised the bar in sleep comfort for the particular sleeper, long gone the days when one partner had to sacrifice their sleep comfort for the other. (less, of course, your still sleeping on a coil innerspring or memory foam mattress, (in which case I would like to speak with you)

As A Natural/ Organic Manufacturer of high-quality natural Latex products, we decided to create our on-Line store to allow consumers the opportunity to purchase natural Latex products directly from us without the hefty retailer price tag associated with natural mattresses. Customers have said when shopping for a mattress they preferred the feel of natural latex but opted for a cheaper bed either coil innerspring or memory foam due to the high cost of natural latex. Well now that all has changed...

Until next time Sleep well, Make Life Changes...

John ;)

For more information, or to contact me directly at


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