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Naturelle Organic Beds, Certified 100% Organic Latex

Why Choose Naturelle

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Naturelle organic beds
Naturelle Organic beds
Naturelle Organic beds

Highly Customizable

Naturelle Organic Certified Latex Mattresses are highly customizable offering multiple layers of latex within the mattress. You can change the firmness of your sleep surface in the comfort of your own home by simply unzipping the mattress cover and changing the latex layer. With our Total Comfort Sleep System, you're sure to find the perfect balance. Enjoy the individual freedom that comes when your personal needs align seamlessly with the supreme comfort of a Naturelle Total Comfort Sleep system.

Certified Organic...

Organic, clean and healthy, the non-woven organic cotton cover allows for increased breathability that boasts a classically soft feel which pairs perfectly with our natural wool. The natural wool regulates heat, wicking excessive moisture away from the body to further optimize the sleeping environment.

 No hazardous chemicals

Naturelle Organic Beds are assembled without hazardous chemical-based glues. The use of glue to attach the interior layers prevents individualized comfort by negating your ability to customize the firmness of your mattress and can also be a fire hazard.  The Worlds First Carbon Neutral Certified  Organic Latex 


Naturelle is petro-chemical free and VOC free (No polyurethane foams). Naturelle latex is simply the best material for sleeping. We Only offer 100% Certified organic Dunlop process latex in all our products. Check out our 100% certified organic beds, toppers and pillows. We have one  waiting for you.

Organic Latex is unequalled

Look for Organic latex Certification when shopping for your mattress

You Can view our certificates here or Go to Control unions web site and see  Latex Green Pvt certification listed on there web site  

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