Why Mattresses with bio-foam are not healthy 

Call it what you will,  Soy foam, bio-foam, polyurethane foam, the result is a petro-chemical based product. Petro-chemical mattresses are NOT natural. Comprising only 5-20%  of plant-based ingredients like soy, they contain more petro-based concoctions than natural products yet manufacturers and retailers label them "eco-friendly" suggesting that they are healthy, safe and natural.

 Misleading the public into believing that products are green, natural or eco-friendly is called "green-washing". There is no monitoring of these claims. Green-washing makes it confusing for the general public to make informed decisions about what they are purchasing.

 Natural latex mattresses are the only mattresses in the marketplace that are truly 100% natural. Manufactured from the sap of the rubber tree, they are the only mattresses that can be truly labeled eco-friendly.


- 25,000 barrels of oil are saved when 50,000 mattresses are manufactured using 100% Organic Latex.

- There are no health benefits to adding bio-foam to mattresses.

- Petro-chemical based products off-gas.

- There is little, if any benefit to putting soy/bio foam in a mattress.

In the end, do your family a favour. Purchase only 100% PURE organic certified latex mattresses, free of bio/soy foam and toxic chemicals.

There are 2 mattresses listed below, one of which is  called A hybrid mattresses which contain foam, along it a little amount of natural Latex allowing the retailer to market it as 100% Natural latex, (Yes its Sad...)   Yes they are cheaper but in the end the savings isn't worth it due to the fact they do not have the lasting ability along with the same comfort as a naturelle organic 100% pure Organic Latex bed. 

Naturelle making organic beds affordable. 

consist of 

100% Organic Latex Core 6 inch 

Organic Cotton Cover 


Single $499.  Double $799. Queen $899. King $1099

 Live healthy and happy.

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